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"Welcome! I'm Bob Farkas, THE CLUTTER WIZARD, a hands-on professional organizer who creates order and manages all of the out-of-control places in your home and/or office. I go through years of your accumulated clutter and weed through papers, create efficient storage spaces, set up filing systems, streamline closets and, in general, create harmonious  and productive living and working environments. And I do it all confidently, patiently and
with a sense of humor. It's a confidential, painless and comfortable process."


Clutter Control, Kitchens, Other Rooms, Closet Organizing & Design, Garages/Attics/Basements
Paper Management, Filing Systems
Office - Residential Business, Office - Small Business, Office - Personal/Non-Business



GARAGE out of control?........ FILES in disarray?...... OFFICE too cluttered?

PAPERS misplaced?................HOME a mess?.............DESKS overflowing?

CLOSETS need revamping?.... TOYS everywhere?... BOOKS out of order?

PHOTOS need sorting?........TOOLS need organizing?


Coach - Life/Personal, Memorabilia/Photographs/Collections
Seniors, Children, Students


"Bob, after the death of my mother I felt completely overwhelmed so I hired you to organize my life and reduce my stress. I now have a system in place that is very functional and productive. You were not only helpful in your organizational skills, you were also a calming influence and a delight to work with."

--- Judy Rosenberg, Ph.D., psychologist, Encino, CA

"Bob Farkas and I have been working to tackle my clutter and he is, by far, the most patient person with whom I have had the pleasure of working. In truth, what started as just trying to get my stuff organized, has turned into a long-term commitment by Bob to help me in many areas of my life. I consider him as much of a life coach as a professional organizer. And, after my move to Chicago, Bob was very easily able to translate our weekly in-person, hands-on, sessions into telephone consultations that keep me focused and on track."

--- Leslie Allen, graduate student, Chicago, IL



"Bob has been so careful and caring and patient and calm as he's guided me through the collected treasures and rubble of my life. With his gentle guidance I've had the courage to trash and purge all the junk that has gotten in the way of having a real home."

---Jae Weiss, therapist and domestic violemce educator, Santa Clarita, CA



"Bob Farkas, you are an eager worker, full of great organizing ideas. Organizing our garage was just the beginning. You truly facilitated the switching of my son's room with our home office by creating a layout for our office furniture. Wow! Our family and friends are still amazed that all our furniture fits into our new, much smaller space. And just recently you helped me rearrange the furniture in my son's bedroom to make more room for our new baby. Thanks. You are very open to suggestions and easy to work with. What a blessing."

--- Deborah Hurewitz-Pitt, artist, Los Angeles, CA



"Bob, I cannot thank you enough for helping me out of the chaos of a living room, an office, a entire new apartment full of unpacked boxes staring me challengingly in the face. Without your help and cheerful persistence, I would never have met that challenge nearly as swiftly or as well. Now I can relax in my living room, cook in my kitchen, sleep...well you get the idea. Thank you so much for turning my apartment of boxes into a home I love."

--- Gillian Lippert, business development executive, Los Angeles, CA



"Bob, you helped me make my office the envy of all my colleagues. Files are organized, papers don't accumulate, books are shelved neatly and orderly. I no longer lose valuable time searching for lost music, memos or papers. Simply put, you've given me back hours of precious time each week."

--- Cantor Evan Kent, Temple Isaiah, Los Angeles, CA



"Before you, The Clutter Wizard, nobody could see the surface of my desk. Today I'm happily able to locate things in a timely fashion and I am able to work much more efficiently. "

--- Steve Pollak, salesman KLSX/KRLA radio, Los Angeles, CA



"Bob, your organizing services are invaluable. I wish I had used you years ago. You've saved me hours of time and effort. We made big changes in only a few sessions and I would highly recommend your services to anyone. You were open to my suggestions and had great ideas on how to organize my home and home office."

--- Kerri Pomarolli, Creative Communications, Culver City, CA



"I am extremely grateful that a friend of mine referred me to you, Bob Farkas, The Clutter Wizard. You performed a miracle in my home by creating order from years of accumulated clutter I have not stopped recommending The Clutter Wizard since you performed your magic."

--- Eileen Lizer, independent researcher, Studio City, CA



"Bob, you helped create an efficient home office system so that in two months of working with you I've done six months worth of business."

--- David Israeli, real estate broker, Los Angeles, CA



"Clutter Wizard, you've done wonders by turning years of mess in my home into an orderly, usable space. I am amazed at how efficiently you work and I am delighted by how much is accomplished at each organizing session."

--- Lillian Zerner, homemaker, Los Angeles, CA



"Thanks you, clutter wizard Bob Farkas, I can finally park my car in the garage! You made clearing out the clutter "no big deal". And you gave me great storage ideas for my home office too."

--- Judie Brodeur, creative director, Cheviot Hills, CA



"What price can you pay for serenity? Clutter causes stress. Bob Farkas a.k.a. The Clutter Wizard, you are terrific! You are like my own personal trainer helping me to maneuver through the extra stuff in my life ---my garage, my closets, my files. I have recommended your organizing services to many friends and colleagues."

--- Diane Wood, insurance broker, Beverly Hills, CA



"Bob, you as The Clutter Wizard have brought order to the chaos of my garage and solved storage problems in my house with a minimum of pain. You were very thorough and you started me on the road to a clutter-free life. Thanks Bob."

--- Marilynn Bradbury, realtor, Sherman Oaks, CA



"Thanks to you Bob Farkas, The Clutter Wizard, for the loving, dedicated, inspired effort and disciplined approach you bring to the art of reducing clutter, organizing space and reclaiming control throughout my home and work space. I appreciate how you take aprofessional approach to these tasks and maintain a sense of ownership in keeping the process moving forward. Your initial approach included taking time to look at the larger picture before proceeding. You introduced me to professionals in related fields and you even brought catalogs with discount coupons for buying storage support items such as file cabinets and storage containers. I am so grateful to you for all your support."

--- Stacey Palmer, computer consultant, El Segundo, CA



"Bob, thanks for helping my mother go through the mountain of papers and who-knows-what that she had accumulated through the years. She was overwhelmed by the task and had been putting it off. You made the process painless and enjoyable. You and she carefully sifted through at least a dozen boxes, tossing or donating things she no longer needed and organizing things she wanted to keep. Now, my mother can find things, some of which she had forgotten she even had!"

--- Batya Ordin, homemaker, Los Angeles, CA



"Clutter Wizard, thanks to you I was able to get rid of many things that I no longer needed You helped sort through things that I had saved over many years from my three children and I was finally able to send it off to each of them. "

--- Ada Silverman, grandmother, North Hollywood, CA



"It is characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things. The smartest thing I have done was to call you, The Clutter Wizard."

--- Neil R. Shenker, entertainment attorney, Los Angeles, CA



"Bob Farkas a.k.a. The Clutter Wizard, you've helped me sort through more than 40 years of personal and business papers, memorabilia, etc. My bedroom and closets were so overloaded with boxes that it was too out-of-control to tackle by myself. Bob, your patience, conscientiousness and organizing expertise turned my overcrowded, cluttered apartment back into a real home."

--- Vickie Kushan, credit clerk, Beverly Hills, CA



"Clutter Wizard, thank goodness for you! Your organizing expertise has made such a difference. Bob, you had so much patience . You sorted, categorized, bought storage boxes, labeled and created a home for all my kids' toys and all my personal and work papers. You created an easy-to-use, color-coded filing system and even made an 8-page illustrated guide showing where all the toys belong. You areefficient, gracious and very easy to work with. I'm extremely pleased and I'll definitely call on you again."

--- Allison Shonfeld, instructor, Los Angeles, CA



"Bob, thank you for your assistance in creating an easy-to-use filing system for my home office. I've been trying to stay on par with the receipt filing and continuing to toss and put away things as I get them. You've gotten me off to a great start."

--- Thyonne Gordon, writer and entrepeneur, Ladera Heights, CA



"Bob, thanks for keeping me on track and focused. With so many responsibilities, I often start on one thing and don't get back to it for a long time resulting in all the clutter you've had to deal with. Thanks to you I have an office I can actually use. My desk and floor aren't constantly covered with piles of papers, my supplies are in order and easily accessible, I can actually see what's inside my desk drawers and my files are in better shape than ever. I am always so pleased after each of our organizing sessions. Thanks again."

--- Liliana Plati, business manager, Woodland Hills, CA



"I'm always amazed at the amount we get done in a short period of time. Bob, you are fabulous! All my rooms -- garage, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, utility room, home office --are a miracle of organization and are also easy to maintain. You are very efficient, productive, detail-oriented and a strategic thinker. The perfect combination for a clutter wizard. Knowing that the many hidden disorganized places throughout my house are now gone gives me a great deal of satisfaction and peace of mind. Thanks also for adapting your communication style to my moods and working at my pace and comfort level. "

--- Joann Parks, corporate trainer and consultant, Los Angeles, CA



"Bob, thanks for helping me to feel positive about my home again! Working with you, my children and I have learned that organizing and keeping things straight can actually be fun and rewarding. I used to think I needed extra room just to store my stuff, but now I can't believe how much room I have, and how easy it is to find everything when we need it. We really benefited from working with you. The help you gave us was invaluable. Thank you again."

--- Alicia McCammon, forecast analyst, Santa Monica, CA



"Bob, your help has been invaluable in getting me started toward eventual organization that I can live with. Thank you so much for your help."

--- Robert E. Fleer, psychology professor / retired, Canoga Park, CA



"Bob, you've created a monster! Our last organizing session was exhausting but invigorating at the same time. I was up until 1:30am and while I couldn't sleep I went through more stuff and pitched another garbage bag full of things. Then I neatly organized my internship logs and letters of recommendation from medical school. They are now safely stored in my medical office, on the shelf, labeled on the spine so I can find them when I need them. You are a great motivator. Thank you for giving me hope of a future free of clutter."

--- Linda Crawford. D.O., physician, Pasadena, CA



"Bob actually make organizing fun. You helped me organize my home office in a manner that really works for me. You know exactly what questions to ask so that I can be organized in a way that is natural for me. Thanks Bob.You are truly a Clutter Wizard!"

--- Jack Rafferty, communication consultant, Los Angeles, CA



"The massive towers of paper that had accumulated in my work space were very intimidating: As soon as I organized one pile, two more would replace it. A man of unimaginable patience, Bob helped me to design a place for everything and to toss what should have been tossed long ago. With him at my side (literally), I was able to do in hours what I hadn't been able to do for years -- regain control over the chaos. No task was too small, no mess too challenging. Many people resist the idea of hiring someone, saying, "I SHOULD be able to get organized by myself." But they don't, if only because there's no one holding them accountable. Bob is full of the good ideas (hardly any of which cost money) that only experience can bring, and he eggs you on to make sure the job gets done."

--- Joanne Helperin, journalist, Los Angeles, CA