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Almost all my life, I have done organizing in every place of employment, for family members, and friends. I enjoy organizing, space planning, creating catalogs, and just generally helping others. I like to see the final outcome of seeing the relief, happiness, and the joy on someone’s face after helping someone get organized and attain comfort in their environment

I have had plenty of experience with organizing computer files for many offices, and setting up cataloging and reference diagram systems. As a drafter and designer I had plenty of opportunities to develop my abilities to space plan, remodel and create functional design systems for a variety of clients. As a project manager in the construction industry I was able to learn how to create plans so that all the phases of construction would run smoothly.

The construction field is so volatile and changing especially in the last few years with this recession, so after the company I worked for went out of business, I decided to seek help from a career counselor to help me decide what types of jobs were available in a field where I could use my skills, and enjoy what I do, and learn how to set-up my own business.

Now, as a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, the National Association of Senior Move Managers, and ElderCare Matters Alliance I have realized I have found my place.

As a Professional Organizer and Senior Move Manager, I don’t just deal with belongings of loved ones who have passed, but also help seniors downsize, and move to a senior retirement community, nursing home, or assisted living community. I can also help people who have been injured in an accident, and have sustained a head or spinal injury, or have become disabled, and have to move into a relatives home, or an assisted living facility, or nursing home. I can organize a room or the whole house. Also, I can help organize a small businesses office.

Older adults make the decision to move, often at the urging of their children, and some prefer the simpler life; a smaller place without the worries of home ownership. The decision to move can develop gradually. Sometimes an accident or a robbery in the neighborhood can make one feel more isolated. The kids can’t come because they don’t live close, and older adults may drive less due to loss of vision or some other disability. For others, a life-changing event, such as discovering a chronic medical condition, or the death of a spouse or child prompts the move.

If you know an older adult who may need to downsize, slowly introduce the idea of moving into a smaller home. Some people need some time to get used to the idea. Some older adults need to make the idea to move while they still can. There are so many options today for seniors it can take a long time just to make a choice. If a senior waits to long illness or injury will make the decision for them when they are not ready. Check out apartment homes and communities for older adults to see what is available and which kind of lifestyle might suit you.

Downsizing and moving for an older adult is not going to be easy, especially if the person has any disabilities or limitations. It can also be hard to let go of things you have had for a long time, finding different options on what to do with your belongings, having someone map out your new home to make sure everything can fit, getting the utilities turned on in the new home or off in the old home, arranging the movers, taking pictures of important and valuable items, organizing with the realtor are just a few things that a professional organizer or senior move manger can do to make the transition move along more smoothly.

There are only four types of people in the world-those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who need caregivers. – Roslynn Carter.

We may all need a caregiver at the end of our lives, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

There are very few things that are for certain in life, but you can always count on taxes, getting older, and death. We certainly all will have these issues if we are lucky enough to have a long life. Where there is life there will be death, but that is usually where we stop our thinking on this matter.

Most people don’t want to talk about death or even getting older even though it is inevitable. Because the thought of getting old or death makes us feel uncomfortable and vulnerable, but they will eventually come anyway.

When your loved one dies, there are many things that must be done on the Most Difficult Day of Your Life. Someone will have to gather required documents like birth certificates and insurance policies. A person must be in charge of paying for a monument, clergy, obituary fees, and regular funeral expenses. Within a few hours someone has to locate a service, provide eulogy information, and select pallbearers, and there are those who have to notify all the relatives, friends, a funeral director. And the cemetery, and the list goes on.

These are just a few of the things we eventually must consider when a loved one passes at or before the funeral. Very few of us consider what happens after the funeral until the day we have to deal with the issue of what to do with all the belongings that have been left behind.

In today’s society most families are either too busy with their own lives, and or live to far to come over every day for weeks or months to deal with all the belongings a love one has left for us.

Here are some of the potential scenarios some of today’s family, and what they have to face:

Take for example Martha and John who have a family of five. John and Martha have just relocated to Ohio for Johns new job. Martha after three months just landed her new employment, and the children thank God are all in elementary school. Then Martha hears the news that her mother has passed away. Her father had already passed twelve years ago. Martha is in a predicament. She knows she can’t just take off for a few weeks after just starting her new job, and neither can her husband, so what is she supposed to do?

And then there is Robert a prominent lawyer who works everyday twelve hours a day in his own law firm in San Francisco, California. He lives in a very small condominium on the Bay. His mother passes away here in Georgia, and she owned and has lived in for thirty years a large four-bedroom house. Robert does not have any brothers or sisters that live anywhere near Georgia, and they too have their own busy lives. No one has the time or the willingness to take on the project of their mother’s home and all her belongings collected over the pass thirty years. What is Robert supposed to do?

What they do is determined by a variety of factors, money, time, the ability to travel, or are not up to the task are just a few factors that a person may face when making a decision on what to do with a loved ones belongings.

No one is ever ready to lose a loved one. Besides the emotions associated with grief difficult decisions have to be made of a loved one’s personal effects. Sometimes you don’t have the time to pack the loved ones belongings, or you live to far away. That is were I can help. I can pack up and ship their belongings anywhere in the USA. I can donate the items you don’t want to charity.

I can also put up the deceased members home up for sale or rent, or use a realtor of your choice. If your loved one’s home needs fixing up, I can do that too. Losing a loved one is a difficult time for you. Let me carry some of your burden.

If you are a senior or the family member or a friend of an older adult who needs help to downsize and move to a new location for whatever reason, check out my website or give me a call (770) 951-9340.











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My name is Donna Hart, and I am the owner of "Organize Anything - Custom Designed Solutions". One of the few multi-faceted businesses in Georgia that deal with a variety of issues affecting seniors and their families. I have a wide variety of personal experiences that come together to produce a positive impact on other people's lives, using skills I have honed as a drafter, designer, project manager, transportation specialist, and nurse. I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, the National Association of Senior Move Managers, and ElderCare Matters Alliance.

I focus on two subspecialties within the industry; one is to help seniors and those with disabilities to downsize, move, or stay in place, and two is to help families, executors, and other professionals take care of someone who has passed belongings and estate. Also,I also do professional organizing for residences and small businesses.

There are several services that are offered, and since each client is unique, I create a plan that is custom-designed around your unique needs. The following is a partial list of typical services offered:

arrow_greyFree consultation to identify a clients unique needs and goals.
arrow_greyStep by step move planning tailored to a clients unique situation.
arrow_greyInventory and organize the contents of the home, and prepare it for the family to review
arrow_greyMonitor, maintain, organize, establish records, and work closely with legal counsel to provide information they need and to help the client
arrow_greyHelp in deciding, what to take, space planning and furniture placement for the new residence
arrow_grey"De-Cluttering" Help with packing and unpacking, and acting as liaison with the moving company and client and supervising the move
arrow_greyMonitor and manage the decedent's incoming mail, and coordinate with the trustee/executor to maintain payment of bills and upkeep of the property
arrow_greyArranging utility, post office and other relocation notifications.
arrow_greyAsset disposition, selling, consigning, donating, and moving belongings.
arrow_greyAssist with the distribution of the physical assets Inventory, valuation and facilitation of donated items to non- profit organizations
arrow_greyGo through the home(s) to gather the important documents and assets
arrow_greyI remodel the home if needed, disposing of remaining trash and cleaning up for market agents or others.
arrow_greyWork with real estate professionals and co-ordinate other services as needed to prepare the property for rent or sale
    Project Management, Procedural Evaluations, Errands/Personal Shopping
    OCD, Seniors, People with Physical Disabilities, Legal Offices, Medical Offices, Disabilities - Other


    I am a member of:

    National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
    National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM)
    ElderCare Matters Alliance
    The Cobb Chamber of Commerce

    Assistant Librarian of NAPO

    Six years in the transportation Industry
    Seven Years in Nursing and Social Services
    Fifteen years in Drafting and Design
    Six years in Construction Project Management

    Numerous Classes, Teleseminars, Seminars, and Books in:

    Real Estate
    Senior Move Management
    Grief and Loss
    Estate Organization
    Death and Dying
    Exit Strategies
    Chronic Disorganization
    Construction Law
    Space Planning
    Drafting and Design
    Nursing Books
    Construct5ion Management
    Public Speaking
    Art and Sculpture
    Home Based Business
    and more.....


    To whoever has interest in Donna Hart’s “Organize Anything Custom Designed Solutions LLC."

    I’ll try to keep my letter short and to the point – Donna’s help has been invaluable in helping me to get my house organized.

    First, Donna went through some of the most challenging areas of my house in hours – areas which would have taken me months or longer because I would get so frustrated. I was absolutely astounded at how quickly these spaces were sorted out and organized. Amazing!

    Second, Donna suggested and helped install additional storage solutions to provide long-term answers to recurring problem areas.

    Third, Donna trained me to maintain the systems she put in place and taught me how to sort through some other areas that needed organization.

    I would highly recommend Donna’s “Organize Anything” to anyone who is in need of help with organization. Having known Donna for many years, I know her to be a person of high integrity and would have complete confidence and trust with her working with or around any of my belongings. If anyone would like to speak with me in person about Donna and her services, you may call me at (931) 695-5479.

    Do yourself or your company a favor and give her a call!


    Leigh McGuire

    Dear Donna,

    I want to thank you for helping my mother Gladys Knuckles downsize her belongings of many years to a smaller condo. As you know, mom had more stuff than the law allows. With your patience and kindness you helped her make many decisions and gave release of the items she collected. It was a blessing to “Good Will” as well as friends and family to have you as a part of this project. As you know this was not an easy accomplishment. I highly recommend you to anyone. Feel free to use me as a reference.

    In His Service,

    Alan Knuckles Pastor

    Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

    (337) 463-6621





    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all your help to get the house ready to sell.  You were kind and dependable.  You realized this was a difficult situation and did everything possible to make it easier.  You took extra care when wrapping the fragile items and made sure the boxes were packed, stored and/or transported to the off-site storage unit.  I could not believe how nice the basement storage area looked.  You are knowledgeable about tools and how to “build” shelving that would have been difficult without your skills.  You knew exactly how to label everything so it will make the unpacking easier when the house sells.  Know we will be using you again.

    My thanks,


    Barbara Skutch Mays