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Karin E. Fried, CPC, EMT-B, CTACC
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Professional Organizer & Productivity Consultant specializing in business and residential services. Owned a very successful business for almost 20 years prior to becoming a Professional Organizer.  

Business services include:  Designing and Organizing work space, Workflow Management, Filing Systems, Organizing Electronic Files,  Forms Design,  Human Resource Issues,  Employee manuals, Disaster Planning, Business Image Consulting, and more...

Residential services include:  Organizing all living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, closets, home offices, kids rooms, garages, basements and more....  

Basic Organization ..... Clutter Control......  Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding

Helping with a move, unpacking,  downsizing / rightsizing, staging for a sale ... 

Time management (business / personal). Life management.  Life Coach.

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Estate / Life Organizing. Organizing all of the information in your life and home - so that you are prepared for any emergency. Having everything in your life documented is crucial. It's more than just having a will!

Works with all types of clients - seniors, people with ADHD, people with Traumatic Brain Injuries, people with Aspergers, students and more,,,

Phone Consultations. Shopping services.

Working with executors on estate issues, working with people out of state to help their elderly parents downsize or move to assisted living facilities.

Virtual Organizing .....  wherever you are....  we can help !

Seminars on  "Organizing". (for groups or in-home).  Seminars on Time Management;  Paper / File Management; Clutter, Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding; Work/Life Balance. (ask about seminar topics).

A Medicaid Certified Provider

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Member: National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO)
Member: Institute For Challenging Disorganization (ICD)
Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization
Certificate of Study in Basic Hoarding Issues with the CD Client
Certificate of Study in Understanding the Needs of the Elderly CD Client
Certificate of Study in Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client
Certificate of Study in CD Client Administration
Certificate of Study in Life Transitions
Certificate of Study in Time Management and Productivity
Certificate of Study in Interpersonal Intelligence
Certificate of Study in Mental Health Conditions and Challenges Affecting the CD Client
CD Specialist - Level II Certificate

Hoarding Specialist - Level II Certificate

Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach



Clutter Control, Kitchens, Other Rooms, Space Planning & Design, Moving & Relocation, Closet Organizing & Design, Garages/Attics/Basements, Garage/Estate Sales, Estate Planning, Custom Storage Solutions, Storage/Warehouse
Computer Consulting, Paper Management, Financial, Inventory/Asset Control, Electronic Information Management, Filing Systems, Bookkeeping
Office - Residential Business, Office - Commercial, Office Design & Space Planning, Office - Small Business, Office - Personal/Non-Business, Office Management
Coach - Business, Staff/Group Training, Project Management, Meetings/Event Management, Home Staging, Errands/Personal Shopping, Industrial Organizing, Author/Writer, Coach - Life/Personal, Time Management Training, Workshops, Procedural Evaluations, Interior Design, Wardrobe Consulting, Virtual Administrative Support, Public Speaker
Chronically Disorganized/Hoarding, ADD/ADHD, Seniors, People with Physical Disabilities, Non-Profit Organizations, OCD, Children, Students, Legal Offices, Medical Offices, Disabilities - Other


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Seminar Topics:

Organizing Basics


Organizing Your Home - Room By Room


Less Clutter = Less Stress

Organizing Your Kids

Balancing Work and Family

Clutter, Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding


Rightsizing - for Seniors


Paper & Time Management


Estate & Life Management


Organizing for Stress Free Holidays






Karin's Personal Organizing services were a life saver for my wife and I.  Newly reloacted to the Cleveland area with a new job, my wife and I were overwhelmed with decisions, unpacking, and all the emotional aspects involved with relocation.  Because it was imperative for us to get our home and office in order - we realized that this was the most important and necessary task before us - but were unable to execute very well because of a small child.  At least one of us needed to be watching our child at all times - thus leaving the other to do all the work !  That is until we got online on Craig's list and found Karin.  Karin came out and was incredibly helpful.  Here is how her services helped us specifically:

Karin led the charge - my wife and I were so tired we needed some new energy.

Karin was involved - she literally unpacked boxes, carried items, sorted items, emptied trash - whatever it took.

Karin facilitated decisions making - after she helped us for 7 hours straight , I realized that one of the most valuable things she brought to the table was her ability to help my wife and I make a decision.  We were both so tired, we just needed help.  She made it easy for us to do so by asking practical questions and helped us realize what we wanted to do and what we didn't want to do.

Karin was task oriented and concerned with getting the job done - we praise her for this - she stayed until 11 pm one night to help us get our office organized and it was such a relief !

She was great with our child, concerned about our needs, and easy to work with and trustworthy.

Norm B. (client)


Thank you again for your help and your time. This was very useful and I think better organization will make me better at what I do..:) 

Dina  B. (client)

Amazing job. The living room, office, laundry room and closets are so much more functional.  And staging the bathroom made such a huge difference. Unbelievable job.

Kelley T. (client)

I was never able to sit down at the dining room table before. And you can see the living room and dining room floors. The rooms are actually functional. Incredible and exhausting job. Thank you.

Diane B. (client)

Thanks for working with us...we are so happy to be clients!

Angela M. (client)

I have known Karin E. Fried for many years. Recently I helped her sell her business after 17 years at the helm of her corporation. Over 17 years, Karin worked diligently to build business and personal relationships with representatives from numerous area hospitals, most notably the Cleveland Clinic. Her ability to respond to various client issues, in a timely and efficient manner led to high client loyalty. I have thoroughly enjoed working with Karin and do not hesitate to vouch for her in any respect.

Brett W.  (lawyer - known 4 years)



I have had the opportunity to engage with many different business owners throughout the country. Karin has been a very valuable source of information, both professionally and personally.  Her reputation in the industry has been nothing less than superior. Karin's expertise and knowledge has  been very helpful on many occassions when the need to brainstorm became necessary. Karin's honesty and integrity was proof in the manner in which she worked.  It is without hesitation that I would recommend Karin to anyone looking for a hardworking, reliable, dependable, ethical and honest individual.

Angie G.  (business owner - known 17 years).

Karin E. Fried was member of our national network for over 10 years. She is a Certified Personnel Consultant and ran her business very well.  If you are looking for someone with experience, hands-on-experience and who is dependable, loyal and a hard-working individual, Karin is it.

Elaine R.  (president of national network - known 10 years).

It is my pleasure to endorse Karin as a business associate. Her dedication to her company, employees and customers is unparalleled.  With her 17 years in business I can attest to her high energy level, drive for perfection and ability to create solutions in an ever changing world.

Nancy M.  (Director - Staffing Program - known 5 years)


Karin is one of the most disciplined and punctual people I've ever known. Her ability to work efficiently under stressful conditions and nerve-wrecking deadlines speaks volumes about her hard work, determination and composed demeanor.  I think she is a deserving candidate for any project or job you may have.  I strongly recommend Karin.

Sam A. (business owner - known 16 years)



Products available:   Some basic forms and spreadsheets (for personal use) to help you stay ORGANIZED:


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CareBinders products for Information Organizing - see Links/More Products page for discount coupon codes

On my new Life & Business Coaching website - North By Northwest - "Pointing You in the Right Direction for Your Life" - I have created numerous self-paced workshops and planners.

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* Self-Care Bootcamp – Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Self Care Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

* Goal Setting Bootcamp

* Business Budgeting Planner
* Busting Your Money Blocks Planner
* Productivity & Time Management Planner