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LET’S GET ORGANIZED! provides ideas and solutions to increase productivity, reduce stress and lead to more control over time and space.   

Stephanie Davis and her team use organizing skills to help structure and organize your life.The hands-on approach will teach you techniques you can put into practice for immediate results.

offers personalized solutions to fit your organizational needs. 


Clutter Control, Closet Organizing & Design, Closet Installation, Garages/Attics/Basements, Kitchens, Other Rooms, Estate Planning, Space Planning & Design, Custom Storage Solutions, Moving & Relocation, Storage/Warehouse
Computer Consulting, Electronic Information Management, Paper Management, Filing Systems, Financial, Bookkeeping, Inventory/Asset Control
Office - Residential Business, Office - Small Business, Office - Commercial, Office - Personal/Non-Business, Office Design & Space Planning, Office Management
Residental Services Included:
Kitchens & Closets
Garages & Attics
Laundry Rooms & Store Rooms
Complete Household Organization
Relocation and Move Management
Estate Management
Home Office Setup & Organization
Home Staging
Paperwork Management
Personal Finance Organization

Business Services Include:

Relocation Management
Project Management
QuickBooks and Quicken
Workspace Evaluation
Workflow Assessment
Filing Systems
Virtual Assistance






Time Management Training, Workshops, Project Management, Home Staging, Industrial Organizing, Public Speaker


Due to my mother's declining health, it was necessary for her to move to an assisted living facility five years ago.  She moved from her home of over 4000 square feet to an efficiency appartment.  Needless to say, many adjustments were required.  We moved her ourselves initially - doing the best we could, but it still wasn't functioning as efficiently as we wanted.  Then, I remembered the services LGO solutions could provide.  They had helped me in my personal home in the past, and I knew they could help make this arrangement work better.  Jamie of LGO worked with my mother one on one and helped her identify the things that were necessary to keep and part with things that were not.  Jamie demonstrated the utmost respect for my mother's wishes, but she was also able to convince her that high function was a priority in the small space.  The end result was wonderful and accomplished so much more than my sisters and I could have ever done.   

Just recently our mother moved to another assisted living facility.  The first phone call we made was to LGO -  they handled the entire move!  Our family was able to relax and concentrate on helping Mama make the social adjustments in her new home!  That was the most pleasant move I have ever made!  I highly recommend LGO Solutions. 

The best move I made when making the decision to move was to contact Stephanie Davis of Let’s Get Organized.   My life was turned upside down when my wife  passed away two years ago.  Sorting through 31 years of “stuff”; downsizing from a 3500 square foot traditional two story home  to a 2400 square foot single level Italian Villa, and using the  same furniture was  an overwhelming challenge.  After visiting a few times with Stephanie, it became clear that she knew what I wanted to accomplish (sometimes before I did) and that she and her team were pros. 

When contracting for other types of professional services, it is routine to let the contractor be in charge with ongoing feedback from the customer but because of having moved myself a couple of times in the distant past, it took me a while to realized that giving LGO total control was the right way to go.  And was it!!  They took care of everything from packing, hiring movers, setting up the new house, incorporating items from a storage facility, transferring utilities, internet connections, and providing frequent schedule updates.  Their creativity was especially evident when they used the same furniture from the old house but in a completely different way and it works perfectly.




"Stephanie Davis has managed to take years of chaos in my house and develop simplified and manageable systems for my business and my home. She did a first class job of identifying key areas of disorganization in my home including paperwork, kids rooms, laundry rooms, etc. Thanks to Stephanie’s excellent skills and expertise, I now manage paperwork in a timely manner and am more focused with my time and priorities allowing me to be less stressed and be more available for my family and my customers. Stephanie is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. As we worked together, she was encouraging and very focused. She did not just rearrange my 'stuff' but developed systems that are specific to my needs and educated me about living a more organized and less stressful life. My life with my home business, my husband and three young children is dramatically different because the personal attention, dedication, and hard work that Stephanie has put into my quest to become more organized."


"Stephanie is a lifesaver! Not only did she evaluate my organizational needs immediately, she was able to develop a plan of action for me that I could implement on my own even after our consultation. I especially appreciate that she is non-judgmental and confidential! She can do it all -- closets, paper work and even laundry rooms! She is cheaper than a therapist and more useful than a manicure -Stephanie is my 'vice!'"


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