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Let us introduce ourselves!  We are Moxie! 

Susie Marsh is co-owner of Moxie Life Organizing, LLC and began in the professional organizing industry when started her first organizing business (Susie’s Organization Solutions, LLC) in 2007.  She received training locally as well as with NAPO/NAPO Michigan Chapter. Susie is a licensed Social Worker and has worked in the mental health system for the past 30 years.  Susie combined her experiences in social work, both hands on and administrative, to provide organizing services to the community.  

Kate Wert is co-owner of Moxie Life Organizing, LLC and began in the professional organizing industry as a volunteer and mentee under Susie in 2016. She began her first organizing business (Clean Slate by Kate, LLC) in 2017.  Kate is a Masters level social worker and has her experience working in foster care, hospice and community outreach for the past 10 years.  

Together, Susie and Kate, formed Moxie Life Organizing, LLC in 2018 because 2 heads are better than one!  They could not serve as many clients alone.  Combining their services together, they were able to work with clients from all walks of life.   Susie & Kate assess each client holistically and approach the person without judgment.  These Moxie executives and their team of organizers work 1:1 with clients to work a power plan to get the results the clients desire and hope for.  All services are confidential.  

Moxie is a full service organizing service provider.  Working in homes, personal work spaces, assisting in housing & life transitions, assisting seniors,  busy families and chronic disorganization challenges (ie. ADD, Anxiety, Depression, Hoarding and more).  Speaking services are also offered in the areas of Downsizing/Decluttering, Organizing for Emotional Health, Organizing 101, and more!  Call, text or email today to get started on reclaiming your spaces and finding your Moxie! 

Susie and Kate are members of NAPO National (Residential Specialist & Golden Circle member 10+ years), NAPO Michigan Chapter Board Members (3+ years), ICD subscribers (Level 1 Certificate in Hoarding), Grand Rapids Hoarding Taskforce members, State of MI vendors, Caregiver Resource Network (since 2007) and Wayland Chamber of Commerce (Byron Center- past member).  


Are you drowing in Chaos and Clutter?

SOS can help you clear out the clutter and calm the chaos in your life.

Professional Organizing Services for:
Home, Office Space, Vehicle, Assisting Special Needs Persons and Seniors,
Speaking and Organizing Workshops/Events available.

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Sue Marsh started her organizing business in 2007.  She was trained by The Organizing Specialists and remains part of their network of organizers.

Sue is a member of:

The National Association of Professional Organizers
Institute for Challenging Disorganization

Sue is a licensed Social Worker with a Bachelor's degree from Western Michigan University.  She has worked in the mental health system for the past 20+ years.  Sue has developed systems of paperwork flow and programs in the mental health system.  She also chaired an agency committee and annual benefit garage sale for over 10 years.

Sue continues her education in the mental health field through conferences in the social work field as well as attending teleconferences through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization in order to expand her knowledge base in the organizing field.


" I participated in the de-cluttering process and appreciated (Sue's) sorting approach and organizing strategies.  In a matter of a few hours, years of paperwork,  files, and books were sorted and put in their places. It was  breath of fresh air to finally see my desk again!  And we all know that you feel a little more centered when your environment is ordered."  -  Joann, Rockford, MI

"We have two kids, one dog, three cats, a mouse, nine chickens and a rabbit.  With our clan and in-home business we were moving into a new house, starting a new school, my mother-in-law was moving in, we were doing remodeling, and I had recently started a new job.  I was also completely overwhelmed, couldn't find anything, didn't have time to do anything about it, had boxes coming out of my ears, and was really starting to wonder if anything other than unpacking and moving piles was in my future.  What a time for S.O.S.  Susie really saved our souls with her organizing solutions.  She came in and quickly analyzed the situation.  Armed with her apron of organizing tools including a box cutter, sharpies and a label machine she went to work getting us organized.  She efficiently and effectively worked with me in such a kind supportive manner that my initial hesitation and embarrassment at needing a professional organizer went away. Study organized?  Check.  Ideas for storage in the kitchen? Check.  Susie was such a huge help and support.  I could not believe the amount of my crud she could get through in such a short amount of time.  She even helped me get rid of a lot of clutter that we had deliberately moved!  Susie's Organization Solutions has kept us sane.  Thank you so much! "  Ashley H., MI


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