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Are you ready for more organizing tips?

Here are 5 more of my Favorite organizing tips.  Where do you spend most of your time? For our family it is the kitchen and family room. This also means that sometimes these room are the most unorganized.

Tip #11

A message center is a great way to keep a family organized. However, not every kitchen has enough wall space for a message center. So, an easy way to still have a message center is to paint the inside of a kitchen cabinet door with magnetic or blackboard paint. I have also put up cork board on the inside of my cabinets. This will not just help you get organized, but also will keep things neat and tidy.

Message Center
Kitchen Message Center

Tip #12

Does your kitchen have drawers? I love drawers for pots, pans and glass bowls. However, then can make a lot of noise when you open the drawer. So put a piece of peg board in the bottom of the drawer and then put pegs/dowels cut to the right length in the peg holes. This will keep the bowls from moving around when you open the drawer and keep them organized.

Tip #13

When filing your paperwork, put the newest and latest paperwork in the front of the file. This will make it easier to find your most recent papers. Another paper tip...don't file your paperwork in horizontal folders or the infamous "in box". Keep your paperwork vertical. Paperwork filed horizontally is more likely to be forgotten and "buried" in the pile. Keep all of your important paperwork in a safe place.

Filing System
Filing system - portable

Tip #14

Keep a clip board in your car for the paperwork that you need for the day. It is a great way to take notes about meetings, thoughts that come up while waiting at a stop light and to clip all of your receipts (to be filed away when you arrive home). It will also keep the front seat of your car from becoming a trash can for paperwork.

Tip #15

You don't have to file paperwork alphabetically. Sometimes it is better to break things down into generic categories such as personal, financial, estate, medical, etc. When deciding how to organize your paperwork, thing logically. What really makes sense to you. Then, remember to keep it simple and easy. If finding your paperwork is chaotic and stressful, then your system should be changed to be simple and easy to use.

Staying organized is a daily (or at least weekly) task. Waiting for someone else to do what you know needs to be done will only allow it all to pile up. It is easier to stay organized 15 minutes every day vs. trying to find an entire day to spend on just one area.

If you have a child in school, you will have an abundance of paperwork arriving (every day). Now is the perfect time to set up your systems and allow yourself to be organized. Let me know about your progress!!  I'm here to help!

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