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Organizing Tips #16-20

This is the last week for Organizing Tips. I hope that everything that you have read over the last month have been helpful. Our goal is that you are organized…not obsessive.

Empty Office
Office Before

Taking simple actions to get yourself (and your business) organized will:

  1. Create more time for family
  2.  Time for yourself
  3. Increase your overall productivity
  4. Help you sleep better
  5. Improve your health

Over the last few weeks I have shared 15 Tips to get you started. Organizing Tips #16-20 are:

16. Buy low maintenance items. When making a purchase take into account the amount of time that it will take to maintain this item. An example – buying clothing…does it require hand washing? If hand washing your clothes is not within your schedule, don’t buy it! I’m willing to bet that you will find something else that will fit your need.

Office Makeover
New office Furniture

17. Leave room to grow. When organizing your space, do NOT fill it entirely. You may not admit it now, but you know that that you will be bringing more items into your space and before you know it…clutter will happen and you will need to organize, donate and eliminate again.

18. Schedule time to work on email. Just like your papers, your email “inbox” can become a source of clutter and stress. And, you don’t want to miss an important “letter”, right? Schedule a time to clear your inbox. If you work from home, maybe you work on this before you start your work day. The key to keeping it organized is to set up files for your documents…just like you do for your physical paperwork.

19. Give yourself credit for what you have accomplished. So many times, we don’t give ourselves credit for what we have done. It is important to recognize even the smallest goals. Others may not recognize what we have accomplished. This does not mean that you should not celebrate your success.

20. Share your goals with supportive friends and family. Don’t share them with unsupportive friends and family. Share your new habits, goals and success with those who will lift you up and encourage your efforts.

I hope that these Top #20 Organizing Tips will help you make a difference in your life and business. I’m here to encourage you along the way…just let me know how I can help! or