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Clutter clut·ter.  noun:  a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass; an untidy state. Synonyms:  disorder, chaos, disarray, untidiness, mess, confusion, litter, rubbish, junk.

Start with a bit of unopened mail, kerplunked on a desk.

Add a sprinkling of receipts and some unknown odds and ends.

Include pieces of broken items you know fit something, somewhere.

Mix well with a helping of cute little things friends gave you.

Spoon in a dollop of items you had to have because they were on sale.

Scoop in special occasion cards you've gathered over time.

Give it a good stir with several souvenirs from your past vacations.

Find another space, and repeat above ingredients.

Again, find another space, repeat above ingredients.

Let stand for days, weeks, months or years, and voila!  You've created a batch of clutter!

I've made this recipe several times before.  Have you?

I tell my clients that a clutter-free lifestyle is a mindset.   You can't get this mindset overnight.  It takes time to make it a habit.    In his book, Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a renown plastic surgeon who observed his patients' habits for weeks after surgery, maintains that it takes at least 3 weeks to form a habit before it's incorporated into a normal routine.
It takes a clear, conscious, persistent, and consistent effort to make clutter management a way of life.



Imagine ...

Harmony:  Things are picked up and paths are cleared throughout your house.   

Peace:   A neat and tidy space. 

Now, imagine YOU HAVE CONTROL over your clutter.    It's a serene feeling.  It's like having a burden lifted from your shoulders and you no longer mind going into a space once filled with useless, outdated, broken, unnoticed and unused items.


Normal clutter is, well...normal. 

You certainly don't want to feel like you're living in a model home.  But when you've got heaps, boxes, bags, suitcases, shelves and closets full of old mail, worn out and unused clothing, documents that aren't relevant in your life anymore,  items you didn't know you had or where it came from, or stuff that isn't useful or adds beauty to your home, then it's not "normal" clutter. 


It's time to re-purpose or discard the stuff that takes up

valuable real estate in your home...

Remember when you had lots of room in your house before the clutter took over?   You can have those open spaces again.    You can view a beautiful, clutter-free space. 

Did you know that good arrangement and organization actually CREATE space?

I teach my clients how to declutter and use organizational principles, and it's amazing how much more storage area there is.  Sometimes it even amazes ME!! 

Make room to have  more room by getting rid of items you no longer need or want.  Make room so you can cherish the real treasures.


Make your environment workable and pleasurable again...

I often hear, "Why didn't I do this sooner?"  Like I said, it's a mindset. 
As professional organizers we're not here to JUDGE your stuff.  We're here to help you DEAL with your stuff.

I love helping people get back to enjoying their pristine surroundings.   What a rush it is to see them finally get a breath of fresh air by having less clutter around.  I actually see their physical posture change, like a huge burden lifted from their shoulders.  And now they pretty much know where everything is or should belong.  They're armed with the principles of clutter control.     Mission accomplished!

Whether it's a room, a whole house, an attic, basement, or garage, you'll acquire more room by decluttering and having better organization...

Take full advantages of the services of hundreds of wonderful professional organizers out there who can help you declutter, discard and organize your belongings to a more manageable level.  Completion of any project depends on the size of the room, the volume of disorganization, and the client's ability to make a decision to pitch it, keep it, or donate it.

But professional organizers will take AS LONG AS IT TAKES to get you organized, and add follow-up appointments to help you maintain the system set up for you, your family, and your lifestyle.
You'll actually enjoy your home again, get back your time, get back your space, and be relieved of stress and anxiety from not being able to find things you're constantly searching for. 

And oh, by the way, clutter management will even save you money.    Yep.  It's a proven fact.   No more late penalties or past due interest charges found in mail that's been lost in that pile somewhere.

So here's an even better recipe I'll share:



Select a Professional Organizer who works well with you and your situation.

Add a healthy dose of work sessions to Sort, Toss, Keep or Donate.

Mix well with appropriate organizing tools and systems just right for you.

Sprinkle follow-up appointments, ensuring it's still as good as the first day.

Enjoy your new spaces with family and friends!



Here's wishing you a clear road to a clutter-free life.

Nicki Rupe