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Oh alright, maybe not 50 ways! But there are certainly more than one "right" way to organize your towels (or anything else!)

50 Ways to Fold Your Towels!

Oh alright, maybe not 50 ways! But certainly more than one!

Does it really matter how you fold?

To many people, this is a very important issue. For some, folding leads to calling other family members "wrong" due to their seeming inability to learn the "proper" way to fold a towel! Or underwear, or any other item made of fabric.

We all have preferences for how things are organized. Sometimes these preferences are strong, and other times not. What do you have a strong preference about - perhaps folding sheets, or napkins, or socks!?  If organizing differences of opinion cause friction in your household, pick up our e-book All In the Family: Clutter and Your Primary Relationships.

In The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo asserts that there are proper ways to fold fabric items. We disagree: there is no right way to fold anything! Like most things in life, there are many different ways to arrange our items, and none are inherently good or bad.

What matters is what works best for you, your family, and the space in your home. I have implemented Kondo's suggestions for folding in about half of my clothes drawers. Below are the shirt drawer before and after. Notice that in the after scenario, it is easier to see which shirts are in the drawer.






Best practices: folding

At Mindful Decluttering & Organizing, we recommend folding your items in such a way as to maximize the space in which you store them. If it is important to you to fold an item in a certain way, then choose a space that accommodates your preferences.

I adjusted my towel folding strategy to maximize the space in our small linen closet! I have folded towels in such a way as to keep all of the towels and washcloths on one shelf: that was my only goal when I made my folding choices. When my husband does the laundry, he folds the towels in a more "normal" way that does not accommodate my plan. I breathe a sigh of gratitude that he does the laundry so frequently and choose not to mention his "incorrect" folding.

How do you fold your towels? The same way your mother did?