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We have a gentle challenge for you!

The prospect of decluttering and organizing your home, or even simply tidying at the end of a busy week, can be daunting. You know it well. The accumulation of mail, papers, shoes, and who-knows-what-else seems like an insurmountable barrier to relaxation, much less joy, in our homes. It’s enough to make you want to crawl in bed with a glass of wine! There are even times when that may be the best solution (I’m Pam Holland and I approved this message).

But like all challenges, there are tried and true solutions to choose from. One extremely effective approach is to break down a daunting task into small, manageable steps.

Decluttering and organizing is no different. In 11 years of mindfully decluttering, we’ve helped many clients see their organizing projects through fresh eyes and break them into doable chunks. While it is effective and powerful to work on projects with a professional organizer or a friend to provide support and keep you accountable, it is not necessary in every case. You can declutter and organize on your own!

Here is our challenge to you: Spend 5 minutes every day decluttering

Seriously! Set a timer and pick one category of items to organize in your home. Let’s repeat: ONE CATEGORY! This keeps you from getting overwhelmed and ensures that the five minutes you spend organizing are focused on one thing. For example:

  • Monday: purge the fridge
  • Tuesday: organize mail
  • Wednesday: put away books
  • Thursday: put away shoes
  • Friday: hang up clothes
  • Saturday: put away items on one coffee table
  • Sunday: rest : )

Once the five-minute timer goes off, stop decluttering. A consistent, slow-drip approach like this will work wonders in your home. If you find that after five minutes you still have energy, extend it to another five minutes or even ten. But note: it’s important to reset your timer and stop decluttering at a specific time of your choosing. As we declutter, it’s easy to zig-zag from decluttering the fridge to decluttering the countertops to decluttering the cupboards, and that’s how you find yourself overwhelmed, exhausted, and feeling as if you never want to declutter again.Do yourself a favor and set limits on your #decluttering!CLICK TO TWEET

As C. W. Wendte says:

Success in life is a matter not so much of talent or opportunity as of concentration and perseverance.

Will you accept the five-minute challenge? Tell us how it goes in the comments!