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When we think about decluttering and organizing, the fear of not having enough timeoften rises to the surface. Mindfully going through our possessions is an investment of our time and our energy, if not our money. Is it worth it? you might wonder. How long will this take? 

Our answer is, Yes! Of course, it is worth it! The process of decluttering and organizing is an investment in yourself. Like honing a yoga practice, learning to play an instrument, or making art, the decluttering and organizing process is a gift you give yourself and requires patience, love, and creativity just like other practices. There are many things we want to do because they support us and make us feel good in the end. Organizing is like that (and actually requires much less practice and skill than mastering many other activities)!

Creating and maintaining spaces in our lives to fill us with joy, ease, and happiness is sacred work. Because clutter effects our energy, decluttering and organizing can have a tremendous impact on how energized, motivated, and comfortable you feel in your home or office.

Are you a planner?

As you contemplate decluttering and organizing, you may want to plan your project. You may want to schedule decluttering sessions with yourself, a friend, or a professional organizer. You may want to budget your time over the course of weeks or months to clear out an attic or garage. If you’re curious how much time to invest, we can help!

In over 11 years of mindfully organizing, we have found that the actual time that it takes to organize a room or a home varies quite dramatically. A few of the factors that can affect the length of time it takes to declutter and organize are your willingness to make hard decisions, your skill level with organizing, how rested you are when you begin your project(s), and how easily you become overwhelmed.

Organizing involves making many decisions and many people experience decision fatigue quite early in the decision-making process. Others have “made up their mind” and can be very efficient, even ruthless, in their commitment to their vision of a clutter-free life.

We’ve gathered average timetables for decluttering different spaces with the support of a professional organizer. Once again, each situation is unique! We find that as we work with folks and learn which strategies work best for them, the organizing process goes much more quickly and joyfully than when they first began. We hope that this chart can help you set reasonable expectations for your decluttering journey.

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If these numbers seem daunting, never fear! They’re not meant to intimidate you, but to illustrate that organizing isn’t a sprint but a marathon. Malcolm Gladwell suggests that it takes 10,000 hours to become proficient at a sport or an instrument. Thankfully, it takes much less time than that to create an organized and decluttered home or master one new habit to support you in your goals!

Organizing Timetable Sources

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Once you have estimated how much time your project(s) will take, you might want to download our  Decluttering Guidelines resource!

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