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Does clutter create friction in your household? If so, you are not alone!


Does clutter create friction in your household? If so, you are not alone! Many of our clients and workshop participants struggle with what to do about their spouse’s, children’s, or live-in parent’s clutter.

I recently spoke with a woman who had 6 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and birds that her family inherited when her grandmother died. She and her husband work opposite schedules so that one of them is always with the kids. She was so overwhelmed she didn’t know where to begin! All she knew was that she wished the rest of the family would pitch in and help with household chores.

Sometimes the discord created by clutter is obvious and out in the open. At other times, it can be unspoken and seething under the surface. Either way, it’s a drain on your energy and that of others in the home.

The Impact of Clutter

“Clearing clutter not only frees up physical space, it frees up emotional, psychological and spiritual space as well. Releasing things that no longer serve you is an act of self-love, an affirmation that you deserve to live in a sacred space.” – All In The Family

Decluttering and organizing is sacred work, allowing you to create the mental and physical space to let your passions and talents flourish. Unwanted clutter creates stress, overwhelm and even depression. No wonder it feels so good to get rid of clutter!

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