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Creative Closet Solutions & Organizing Closet Spaces

Welcome to the “Organize Closet“ section at If you want to learn all about organizing closets and how to apply creative closet solutions, you’ve found the right place. Organizing closets may seem tricky especially if you have a lot of stuff and not enough space; but this shouldn’t be the case. Here you will discover how to simplify and organize closet clutter. You will also learn about simple and effective closet solutions that will allow you to maximize your space and make use of every inch of your closet space. Read the articles below on organizing closet spaces and learn how to get your closet clutter under control.

OH!: Organizing Shoes ~ Think Inside the Box

Dear Ms. Thomas – I love shoes; just can’t get enough. I crave them! The trouble is I can’t organize them. Do you have any tips?

Closet Remodeling

Need a closet that suits you? As a closet pro, in the know, I've helped hundreds of people remodel their closets. Regardless of how many closets you have and how big they are, chances are that you'd like to get the max for the minimum when it comes to using space wisely.

Tips On Organizing a Closet

Following are a few of the tips I share with clients who aren't in a position to have a "gourmet" closets but hope to organize their clothes and accessories.

How To Effectively Organize Your Closet

Do you find your closet in a confused and untidy situation? Does it often take a lot of time to get something out of it? Is the thought to open your closet a nightmare as you feel that heaps of clothes will tumble on you?

Closet Organizing: How to Purge


If you dread going into your closet, now is a great time to clean it out and switch your wardrobe for the upcoming season! During the switch, do yourself a favor and purge as you go.