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How to Organize Files

Welcome to the “ Organize Files “ section at If you struggle with file organizing and want to learn how to organize files effectively, you have landed in the right section. If learning about file organizing makes you feel overwhelmed, then this section is going to help make your life easier. Here you are going to learn how to organize files and discover easy file organizing tips from various professionals around the globe. Many of these articles are written by Professional Organizers within our database. If you find their tips on interesting and helpful, be sure to visit their personal profile pages to learn more.

How To Create An Organized Filing System


No one filing system works for everyone. In the end, the test of a good filing system is being able to find something when you need it.

How To Organize Important Papers Step-by-Step

Do these simple steps daily, and before you know it, you will have developed a habit that will help you keep your home organized and uncluttered.

What Paper And Documents Do I Need To Keep?

Is your biggest problem in your office knowing what to keep and what to get rid of? As I organize offices for women I find this is a big problem in the majority of homes.

5 Most Common Filing Mistakes

1. Overstuffing the file drawer . . .
Filling the filing cabinet so full that you risk loss of limb when attempting to file just one more paper is the number one reason people don’t like to file.

If I Can't See It, I'll Forget About It!

One of the most common reasons people invite me to their office for an organizing consultation is to help them deal with the piles of paperwork that are encroaching on their workspace.