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How to Organize Kids & Teens

Welcome to the “Organize Kids“ section at Organizing kids may seem like a difficult task especially if you have trouble organizing other aspects of your life. You only need to learn some of the basic techniques on organizing kids and you’ll be on your way in no time! Discover today how to organize kids by reading some of the following articles. Many of the authors below are Professional Organizers listed in our database so be sure to visit their profiles as well to learn more.

Back To School: How To Get Organized For The Year Ahead

Learn what supplies you need to organize your child's learning. Don't rush out and buy every cute gadget and gizmo at the office supply store hoping it is going to keep your child organized and more productive.

5 Tips for Helping Kids Get Rid Of Stuff

1. Pick a charity that they might find interest in - this could be a church, a domestic violence shelter, a homeless shelter, a fund that supports animals or their school

Organizing Children's Artwork

If you are living with a budding Picasso, Renoir, or -- more likely -- Jackson Pollack, or if you simply have a school-aged child, you no doubt have a huge stack of artwork that you don't know how to handle.

5 Tips for Having Kids Help Around The House

1. Lead by example, and talk to your kids about why we keep things organized and our house clean (we can find what we need and we don't hurt ourselves walking around).

Organizing Kids: Tips From a Fresh Space